Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not so much....

Miniatures fascinate me. My mother used to have a glass cabinet where she kept all of her little wonders. There were small Mexican breads, trolls, fruits, bears, trees, cows, piggies, etc. I used to open the cabinet about once a week to admire how lovely they all were. I love when something reminds me of that cupboard. Last night I watched Alice in Wonderland in Imax 3-D. Although there was much to admire about how far animation has come, I feel like the creative elements became a bit lost. In other words, it was more animated than it was creative. So many things from the original were cut. I missed all the odd characters from the original, like the little scissor birds and the clams. The costumes could have been amazing, something along the lines of Marie Antoinette meets Rodarte meets Alexander Mc Queen would have been FABULOUS!!! Of course there were moments that were a great addition, like the scene where she steps over the morbid heads, and I adore the new queen so much more than the original, "Dwink!!" hahaha. But, for a movie of that caliber and content, as Tony Duquette would say, "More is more!"

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