Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good one!

I had mentioned to my boyfriend in 2003 that I wanted a dream book. On my birthday that same year, I received the most gorgeous book with curry colored pages. The pages were handmade and the outside of the book was woven with mint green straw and it had a tree barkish binding. Nothing could be more inspiring than writing my dreams on a book that was as detailed as the content that would fill it. I finished writing my dream book in 2004. All of my pages are filled front and back with both text and drawings.

I trained myself to recall my dreams by having a clear mind before I went to bed and telling myself that I would remember my dreams when I awoke. This technique has always proved to be helpful. Of course, everyone is different, but somehow it worked for me. My book was always next to my bed, waiting for the next crazy thing my subconscious would relay. As soon as I woke up, I jotted down my dreams. Some of the pages are not dated, but based on where they fall within my book I am able to tell what year they're from.

Here is a dream from 2004 (text taken directly from my dream book):

I'm not sure if I wrote this dream already, but a couple of weeks ago I had a dream that Briana got really sunburned at the beach. So, I kind of got upset at Vero and asked her why she didn't put any sun block on Briana? She said, " It never works on her." So, I was like, "Oh, so you just didn't put any on her?" Then I said, "Ok, so if I had a long hair growing out of my nose, do you think I should cut it?" Then Joe, Rebeca, and everyone that was there, was laughing and saying, "Good one!" Vero answered, "Yes." I guess that was my way of saying something like, "So, if your friends do it, will you?" Except, my version made no sense, so it's funny that they would laugh and say, "Good one!" Anyway, after Vero said "Yes", she stood outside trying to think of a"good one" as well. I know this because the door had a small window and I could see her rehearsing it.

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